Hot Chilli Sauces

Badgers hot chilli sauces come from a fiery love affair with some chillies grown on a windowsill and a passion for expirementing. The now infamous Original Reaper chilli sauce was the first to be bottled, but the range has grown since then!

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Put some fire in your belly!

Lee Farina (better known to you and me as Badger) has a thing for creating incredible chilli hot sauces and the Badgers range has something for everyone!

A qualified and time-served chef with Michelin star experience, Lee knows a thing or two when it comes to flavours.  Once he fell in love with chillies there was no stopping the incredible sauces this man could create.


Find your chilli sauce heat

Badger isn’t about always blowing the top of your head off. While many chilli aficionados will instantly want to try the hottest variety on offer, some love chillies but hate heat.

That is why badger has work with some of the best critics he knows (his children) to build some brilliant chilli sauce flavour combinations that are tasty family friendly.

To help you find the perfect heat we’ve created out Badgers Chilli Rating which can be seen across all of our products. We’re always happy to help with recommendations though so contact us if you’re unsure.

How our chilli sauce flavours were born

Not a day goes by where Lee isn’t tinkering iin the kitchen. To live with him is to expirence his passion for cooking and we are extremely jealous of his family for getting to sample every flavour combination as it is thought up.

While not all of these hot sauces make the cut and not all the recipes work, it is the freedom to create that has bought us some of our most popular flavours, whether its the Badgers take on a classic or original chilli sauce.

These are sauces that will put some fire in your belly! Whether its a summery BBQ or a night in wth homemade curry, their is a Badger hot sauce to complete your meal.

Use them for dipping, marinating or in your own creative way and share your recipes with us!